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October 10, 2012


As the old saying goes ‘nothing stays the same’ and the last few weeks have made that quite apparent in my life. Each event has made an impact on me both emotionally and physically. My oldest child flew the nest and is making a new life with his girlfriend in a very nice apartment.  As a natural worrier, I am tending to bounce back and forth between being happy that he has made this transition so successfully to being anxious that he will struggle. Is it only mothers that do this? His girlfriend is a delightful young woman and it is obvious they are very happy together…but that mother/ child bond is never truly broken. I know I will have to curb my contact and ‘interference’ – thank goodness for texts!

Another event has seen my daughter change schools due to conflicts at the previous one. Again I have bounced between anger and frustration to swelling with pride that she made a decision that was slightly unpopular but has proven to be positive.  In fact she has the option of finishing school faster with her option, which is an added bonus. Within moments of my son’s departure, my daughter commandeered the basement suite as her own space and has started planning the redecorating already.  We were washing walls and cleaning carpets the very next day.

Whatever challenges and changes life throws at us, we know in our hearts it is for the best in the long run but when we are in the midst of them, they sure are hard on the heart and body.

Are you facing changes at the moment?


  1. Although I follow along, I believe this is my first comment!! Anyway, I enjoyed your post and honesty about life changes. I am not a parent but I have a dear friend who is going through some major transitions with her growing children as we speak. Her oldest just left for college a little over a month ago and I really expected her to be the pillar of strength, as did she. When she arrived home from the move in weekend, well, she lost it and was pretty much a mess for the first week. The other two are still home and one is just starting to drive and the other getting into teenage angst, she’s 14, so my friend has a full plate and then some. She has 3 girls, is a single parent and has her won full time law practice so to say she has brought them up to be independent is an understatement. When she asked me, “Why am I acting this way, freaking out and such?” The only honest answer I could give her was, “No matter how old they are, what they are doing, where they live or who they are involved with, they will always be your kids.” That’s really what it comes down to and she is doing much better, also thanks to the help of texting and FaceTime!! It sounds like you are doing great and have great kids too!! I will tell you what I told her, you must have done something right so just keep being you. Hang in there, great writing by the way. I’ll stop by more often : )


    • Thanks for the comment & encouragement. I actually wrote a piece about empty nest for a local online magazine after some research. Your friend might find it helpful.
      Finding our ‘new’ self is a challenge but what delights are there for us to discover…?


      • Have been reading your text, and scrolling through the comments, I’d like to press “like” to your last expression; Finding our ‘new’ self is a challenge but what delights are there for us to discover…?

        I too has teenagers, and there are changes all the time. I understand that it’s challenging for them too. And also because of their groving independence, I’m creating my new life at the same time.

        Both their and my change is delightful and scary..


  2. You don’t ever stop being a mother, no matter how old they get do you 🙂



  3. Changes can be challenging. I’m currently in a career/home transition so you are not alone Mandy. Hang in there!


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