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Writing v Social Media…

January 4, 2013


The writing life need not be a solitary one anymore. With today’s technology, we have the ability to connect with other writers around the globe. Some may say it is not a ‘real’ connection but as with any relationship, it’s what you put into it that makes the difference. I am a strong believer in ‘sharing’ – hence my bi-line, because I am open to this resource, I have met some wonderful people. Some are at the beginning of their writing life and others established and published.

However, the sheer abundance of web sites can overwhelm us. It is not possible to link to them all without detriment to our craft. The answer? Select sites and blogs that not only appeal to you but have a common thread or instruction to your particular  interest, genre, style, skill level or indeed fancy. With careful selection you will be able to cultivate a rapport with the chosen authors. This in turn grows into a support system. Don’t think that your views or opinions are not worthy because everyone can derive something from them. Fresh eyes can see what experienced ones may overlook.

Careful selection also means you are not overloaded with notifications and a sense of guilt for not commenting or responding. Thus you can balance actual writing time with ‘socializing’. Yes I understand that once you click it is very difficult to leave but leave you must – I have found limiting my time on social media has helped a lot and because I have spent more time writing I feel good about myself and the body of work achieved. Choose your own period of social time and keep to it. Obviously there are exceptions to every rule. If you happen to link up with someone who needs your help or whose help you need then logging off is not productive or well mannered.

My desk calendar word for today is : Endemic. The definition is  1) belonging or native to a country or people  2) characteristic of a certain area, region or environment.

Our writing community makes us all endemic to this ‘world of words’. We may sit at our desks, in a comfy chair or under a tree to write but our characteristic as a ‘weaver of words’ makes us a member of a unique country – even if it is largely in cyber-space. The more we share, support and encourage each other the better our own writing will become – it’s a win, win situation.

Paper- Writing

I had to share this :



  1. Oh gawd do I suffer guilt if I don’t comment on the blogs I follow *deep sigh* 😦

    I’ve not found a happy medium yet, and boy, do I need to, and quick!



  2. I tend to only do my social media stuff From my phone. When my laptop is on I’m writing. It seems to be working out that way ok so far. It is a bit of a bartering game sometimes though.


  3. So true – you make great points here. We have to remember that if we are serious about writing IT HAS TO BE the most important thing. Social media connections and promotion are up there but if you don’t write it doesn’t really have much point other than pure recreation. It’s all about establishing a routine and a presence that says “this is what I’m all about.” Thanks, Mandy!


  4. You’re right that it’s hard to find a balance with social media. You could literally keeping reading and commenting endlessly. It’s important to find blogs that fit, so to speak. Setting a time limit is a great idea — thanks for sharing this!


    • I hope my tip works for you, Christi. I used to be surfing the net for hours and then became disappointed that I hadn’t got around to my writing at the evenings end. Balance in all things is the key…it’s just finding it that’s hard. Good luck.


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