14 thoughts on “Award Bonanza…!

  1. I’m so honored to be a part of your WordPress family! 🙂 Thanks for the award!

    My big question for you is — do you have a blog post about your letter from Stephen King? If not, that seems like some fantastic blog post fodder!


  2. Thank you 🙂 and congratulations!
    I love the idea of regression and past lives, and it comes up in my writing a little, but I’ve never taken part. What did you learn about your past selves?


    1. Hi, my pleasure I hope you have fun with it. I found out I have 7 past lives. In my session I was able to go to 3 of them. One life was the eldest daughter of a farmer in what was probably medieval England, another the illegitimate child of a maid in a large household and the third an Indian squaw. After some research I found the old house in Who’s Who’s in England. The native I dismissed as I had always fancied being such. Five years later my cousin found out one of our ancestors married a squaw….yep me! Spooky eh? Have you ever been regressed?


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