A Painful Experience Gives An Insight…

Analgesic – definition: a remedy used for pain


As some of you may know I suffered a back injury in April. Pain medication along with a back brace and crutches enabled me to move for short distances after some time. My usual anti-pill stance went out of the window, I can tell you. Analgesics were my best friend!

Physical pain does not only restrict us with movement but also drains us mentally. Weeks at home would, ordinarily, have seen me busily typing at my desk. However, having no position that was comfortable, either sitting, standing or lying down, I languished on my bed or the sofa waiting for my next medication to be due. It was frustrating not being able to write or even edit my WIP. I felt its lure so many times and several attempts to sit at my desk resulted in agony.

I looked for the positive in my situation, which was difficult to say the least. However, when the pain became more manageable I realized I could use the physical and mental restrictions as the basis of a future characters difficulty. Restricted movements gave me insight into the experience of disabled and elderly people. Now I will be able to write from an experienced viewpoint albeit a temporary condition on my part.

Have you utilized a personal experience to develop a character?

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