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How Conspicuous are You..?

August 2, 2013

Conspicuous – definition: easily seen or noticed; readily visible or observable


As authors we have to overcome becoming conspicuous to the world. With an internet presence we are readily contactable and visible to anyone who wishes to get to ‘know’ us. Writing may be a solitary pastime but our face-book pages, blogs, twitter and a multitude of other internet sites we subscribe to, spreads our persona all over the globe.

Depending on how comfortable you are, a blog can be, not only a vehicle for selling your work, but will also give our readers/followers an insight into the author behind the books. I recently read a blog post questioning if a Q&A page on a blog/author site was a good idea. This started me thinking what questions I should pose and what was the best way to answer them. Currently a work in progress.

Have you got a Q&A section on your website?

If you do have one, what has the reaction been like?


Once we have an internet presence established there comes the task of keeping the information interesting and current. I’m sure there are not many writers challenging themselves to a blog post daily, like yours truly, but even weekly or monthly updates take a good deal of consideration. We have decided on a ‘theme or topic’ and have to create new content for it. Our words will be forever available in cyberspace.

The outcome is a connection to people far and wide, allowing us to share our writing life.

Do you have an internet story to share?



  1. I don’t have a questions and answers page. Not sure I have the courage to host such a thing. I am bound to get the answers wrong, or upset someone. Yes, I am low in confidence, and a coward! 🙂 lol


  2. I don’t have a Q & A page. I’m really not sure what questions anyone would be interested in knowing!

    I do blog fairly regularly and an attempting to increase my habit still. Fitting it in with all that other conspicuous Internet activity as well as writing, family and the day job can make it hard though. I’m impressed you keep up a daily schedule.


    • Hi Rebecca, yes I’m still pondering the Q&A page. As I have multiple genres not sure how it would work best.
      This blog a day is only for 2013 (only ha ha!) I try to draft them ahead of time, doesn’t always work as per today’s post but it helps to get some pre-written for sure.
      Next year I will probably select one day per week to post. Yes it is hard to fit it all in…


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