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Self Belief in your Writing…

August 4, 2013

Prowess – definition: exceptional valor, bravery, skill, or ability


When we start out on our writing journey’s we are plagued with self doubt. Is my story exceptional? Have I learnt the ‘rules’ well enough? Will anyone read it? It is easy to compare ourselves to the ‘greats’ (whichever genre great you follow) trying to glimpse within their writing the ‘how they do it’.

Taking advantage of other writers interviews, writing courses and the knowledge of members of your writing support group are all ways to increase you skill. If you have a particular genre you wish to excel in, then read as many novels in that genre as you can. Dissect the story, its characters and how the story arc is constructed. Notice the details, the amount of dialogue compared to exposition, how the characters are introduced and how they ‘change’. These are essential lessons to help you excel in your craft. Also books on writing are good investments, but chose carefully to ensure they are complimentary to your style.

Do you have any lessons you learned that you would like to share? 



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