Untarnished Politics – An Oxymoron..?

Untarnished – definition: (of a person’s reputation) free from blemishes, faults, or unethical actions


Once you begin looking at the words to describe untarnished, you notice a common theme. CLEAN. Unstained, immaculate, impeccable, spotless, clean, pure, glowing, squeaky-clean, unblemished, unsullied, unimpeachable, unsoiled, bright, polished, shining, burnished.
In every political arena I have ever had the misfortune to stumble across, there is always mud slinging! These so called elected officials spend their time spreading nasty little rumors about each other – have they never left the playground?
We would not be human if we were completely without some fault – as the old saying goes – he without sin, throw the first stone.
Would it not be better and more ‘civilized’ to expend all that energy on governing the locality or country with mutual respect and understanding. After all we are all homo sapiens on this planet – one gene away from chimpanzee’s. In other words we are all the same species – deal with it.
Is it possible to be squeaky clean as an adult?
Can we rise above the playground mentality?
Are we not supposed to be the ‘higher’ animal on this planet?

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