The Versatile Blogger Award…

Plausible – definition: 1. having an appearance of truth or reason; 2, seemingly worthy of approval or acceptance; 3. credible; believable

I am happy to accept this blog award from Glynis at My year long ‘a post a day’ has certainly made me versatile!

My mission with this blog is to endeavor to bring writers together and share my journey in the hopes it will encourage and inspire others.  So let’s look at the rules:


I am supposed to nominate 8 bloggers. Grab the award and then share 5 facts about myself. Link back to the nominee. Here goes:


I read Stephen King but have a hard time watching horror movies – its the music!

I would like to write every genre, even if its just once.

My commitment to a blog post per day in 2013 has 73 days to go.

Once an idea hits me I have to write it out. Always free flow.

I will be participating in National Novel Writing Month this year.

Please feel free to grab this award even if your name isn’t above. It is a great way to share some fun information but also to connect with other writers. Have fun with it.

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