Embellish Those Notes for Thirty Days…

Embellish – definition: to beautify by or as if by ornamentation; to adorn


As so it begins – National Novel Writing Month! For those participating this will be a month of embellishment of scribbled notes, plot lines and story arcs compiled for the last few weeks or longer maybe. I wish all my fellow participants  the very best of luck on this 30 days of frantic writing.

I welcome any of you to join me as a buddy – MandyB, Edmonton.

Let the words flow, the muse whisper constantly and the external world fall away.

My NaNo project is a cowgirl romance, a new genre for me and one I have actually planned for. Yes, the free flow author has laid down a story arc…whatever next.

What is your project? Your genre?

Are you excited, nervous, absolutely terrified or a mixture of all three?

No matter if you reach that magical fifty thousand words or not – your participation in a global writing effort is awesome.


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