Capturing Your Snippets of Genius…


Many of us have scribbled notes on pieces of paper, in notebooks even on torn napkins, of ideas for our current or next narrative. These can ‘disappear’ if we are not careful and as we all know once it is gone – it’s gone!

There are techniques that can assist us in capturing and organizing these snippets of genius. Filing notebooks on theme or genre, keeping those scraps of paper in an ideas box or if you are seriously organized typing them up and putting into folders on your computer.  Whatever method works for you, keep doing it. Capture those inspirations – they are precious.

 These wonderful bloggers have great insights on keeping organized – take a look.


6 thoughts on “Capturing Your Snippets of Genius…

  1. Great tips! My biggest problem is not putting ideas on paper or whatever form until I actually start writing.


  2. It’s one of the reasons why I never leave the house without my phone or notebook. My phone has LOADS of voice recordings which me trying to keep a hold of ideas and whatnot.
    I really should write them up one day.


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