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Lost Words of the Natural World…

January 18, 2016

As I write, we are experiencing -26 and the air is still with cold. The natural world around me is quiet, still and forlorn in its attempt to brace the freezing temperature. Hidden from view is the reserving of tree sap, body heat of small animals crouched in crooks and crannies and large beasts huddled, no doubt, in shallows underneath leaf litter, low branches and shrubs. This is the reason I chose these lost words for today’s post.


Adnascentia             1706 -1731
root-like branches that sprout into the earth from a plant’s stem

Ramifactive             1766 -1766
developing into a branch; forming a branch

Senticous                  1657 -1657
prickly; thorny

Veprecose                     1721 -1721
full of brambles

Upon inspection the adnascentia twisted their senticous ramifactive bark covered fingers through the veprecose undergrowth.

Can you come up with a sentence using these words?

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