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Alternative Living – Religious Communities…

March 16, 2016

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There are numerous religious communities throughout the world, some based on traditional religion’s and others not, such as cults. In essence, these communities consist of people living together practicing under the rules of a particular religion and the belief system for it.

Some intermingle and live within a larger community, regardless of other people practicing a different religion to them. Such as the Jewish community of France or the Catholic community in Belfast. While others separate themselves and live within strict guidelines, such as the Amish, Mennonite, and Hutterite. There are also religious communities based on formal religious vows such as monks in a monastery or nuns in a convent.

In modern times, the strict rules governing these communities are being questioned not only by ‘outsiders’ but from within, particularly by the younger generation. We have all seen programmes such as Breaking Amish and so on. How true to life, these TV series are is a question many ask. Of course, given freedom to choose your way of life is seen as paramount nowadays and must alter how these communities will continue in the future.

Have you lived within a religious community?

What was your experience like?


Did you leave, and if so why?



  1. There is a religious community at the front end of our road. I’ve attended a few events there because I’m friends with some of the members of that community, but I don’t have a good insight on life from the inside other than some of the stories my friends have told me. However, from the outside looking in, it sounds like a pretty restrictive place to live. I’ve not heard of anyone being harmed physically, but shaming and outcasting can be used as punishments. I know one young lady who moved away from her family and the church after a pretty scandalous event or two. So they have their share of problems, too. I think it is their business how they handle their affairs as long as they aren’t abusing people, keeping anyone a member against their will, or breaking state or federal laws. Personally I think most religions are cultish by nature and use shame/guilt/fear to encourage, if not outright brainwash, adherence to the tenants. But I’m a strong believer in freedom of all religions or freedom to profess to none.


    • Thanks for sharing your experience, Madison. As with anything looking from the outside in doesn’t always give us a ‘real’ picture of what another person is feeling or experiencing. However, we all learn about the horrid aspects of people who have left, which gives us a one=sided view. Anyone who is happy with how they live tend not to proclaim it publically.

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