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Soul Group – Do You Know Yours?

June 15, 2016

soul group

We have all experience deja vu more than once in our lives. Sometimes it is recognizing a place or occurrence but other times it is meeting someone new but having the feeling that we know them. This recognition, on a subconscious level, is meeting a member of your soul group. As you can see from the diagram above, we do not always remain as one gender, or in a similar ‘relationship’. In one life you can be husband and wife and in another brother and sister, whichever it is there is a strong chemistry or familiarity upon meeting these people.

The belief is that your journey, mission or purpose in this life is a small part of your larger journey – we ‘learn’ from each lifetime and move forward to the next one.

So how do you know you have met a soul group member?

It can be that they have similar life experiences and can assist you in understanding a situation or problem. They help you with compassion, understanding and patience.

Their assistance in helping you ‘grow’ maybe due to their highlighting of your personality traits and balancing your energy. Their guidance enables you to turn your weaknesses into strengths and also to heal or let go of destructive emotions or events.

In a lot of cases they ‘appear’ in your life when you most need them to advance your soul’s journey, to enable you to find the right path and work with you in your goals.

Have you experienced a deep connection with a complete stranger?

Do you feel a specially deep connection to your current partner, best friend or a relative but cannot explain it?

These are members of your soul group.








  1. This is a very interesting subject matter and I especially appreciated the chart. If you get a chance, perhaps you would consider posting this today at my Senior Salon.


    • Hi Bernadette, you are most welcome to repost the blog post. Under the comment section is a repost button just click it.
      Kindest regards, Mandy

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      • Yes, I did have an experience like that. I was depressed at the time. I wasn’t myself. But
        I felt like we had lived many past lives together, and I even “felt” and saw pictures in my mind of
        3 of the lives. . Unfortunately that doesn’t mean we are supposed to live this life together as friends. He walked away but it was hard for me to accept. It was literally painful for me. I had to “Cut the cords” connecting us numerous times before it worked for me.Now I leave him alone and I’m happier and a stronger person.

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