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Wordsmiths Collective Thursday – Change in Writing Technique

October 8, 2020

When I was struggling to find a concept for NaNoWriMo this year, out of the blue an idea came to mind. Now this, in itself, is not unusual because we all know it happens. However, it was not only the genre that surprised me but the fact the idea formulated as a three book series!

The genre is a detective/crime, something I have not tackled before. Although, I have written in various genres, it is normal for the story to come first and then the genre becomes apparent as I write. This is the complete opposite and makes it an exciting prospect. The idea formulated around three main characters and a common adversary across three books.

The other surprise was that I easily began planning each book – another first for me the self proclaimed free flow writer. I am not sure why this change in technique came about but it will certainly play a big part in this new project.

Whether we plan in detail or go with the flow, there is no right or wrong way to write – we all do it differently, which results in the uniqueness of our narratives.

Has your writing technique changed over time?

Do you plan or free flow your stories?

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  1. Looking for your blog on the Union Jack flag. I was hoping to print it off for my grandchildren… Unfortunately, my hubby came on the computer and I lost it, I spent a long time trying to get it back but unfortunately no luck. I had previously had your blog up on the ” Harvest Festival as we Knew it in England. You answered the question for me on the North American Thanksgiving. I have always thought about the differences. Thank you for that. I agree with you, about Turkey. , Very different from church and singing ” All things bright and beautiful”. My relationship with Turkeys grew and grew as the years went by– I am 82 years old so a lot of Turkey’s in our family of five were sent to the oven by me.- Eventually, I became a vegetarian– but the traditions for the rest of the family were still kept strong with Turkey on the menu. In fact, I am cooking a Turkey this weekend for the men in our family. . My daughter and I are vegetarians We are having Portabella Mushrooms filled with English Paxo Sage and Onion stuffing.— such a good childhood memory. Looking forward to reading more of your blogs Happy Thanksgiving.

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