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Bibliophile’s Collective Tuesday – Another Podcast Interview and Book Review Tips

November 2, 2021

I had fun being interviewed on this podcast – She Blurbs with Brook Wright Link:

I would like to remind you to please write a review, however short, for the books you read. They are, in short, the life blood for an author and their book(s). It doesn’t take five minutes to write one and the author will be super grateful.

Here are 3 easy tips for you to follow for a review.

  1. Relay what the story is about.
  2. Tell others what you enjoyed most about the narrative.
  3. Click a star rating.

It is that simple.

What are you currently reading? Care to share?

Do you have a favorite genre? What is it and why?


  1. After having read multiple reviews (good and bad), I decided to judge for myself, and am reading A gentleman in Moscow. I don’t have a favorite genre, but I don’t like romance, sci-fi, gory, or too much violence used simply to fill the pages. I look for good writing, unique story lines, well-researched historicals, and clever who-done-its.

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