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A Themed Piece of Prose…

December 8, 2014

As I mentioned on Friday, tomorrow is my writing group’s Christmas party – it is an opportunity to share our current projects, reflect on the past year and reconnect with members who have been away. Part of the celebration is for everyone to read a seasonally themed piece of prose or poem. There are always a variety of interpretations to this prompt, which makes for an interesting evening. My submission this year is:


The Box

It sat under the Christmas tree tantalizing me

Its shiny wrapping paper and bright gold bow

Perfectly folded corners and sealed up tight

On the label written in script my name


As I pass, my eyes fix

Under the decorated Christmas tree

Its lights twinkle and baubles dangle

The box reflected a hundred times


When alone I sit beside the box

Smoothing its surface and guessing

The gold ribbon fastened tight

No tears or gaps through which to peek


Carefully I pick up the box

Giving it a gentle shake

There is no rattle or jangle

No noise to give a clue


The days pass slowly

My impatience grows

When will I be able to open the box

And find out what it holds?


Christmas morning arrives

My excitement wakes me at dawn

I creep down the stairs

To find the box gleaming


At last the family assembles

I burst with excitement

As the box is handed to me

I feel its weight again and gasp


With shaking hands I unwrap

The paper and bow discarded

A cardboard box revealed

No clue given still


Prizing open the flaps

Tissue paper rustles

Underneath my Christmas, wish

A perfect treasure for me to keep


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Why not share your Christmas themed poem or prose here?

Tailor Make Your Writing Schedule To Your Life…

September 2, 2014

In a perfect world we would be able to write whenever and where ever we chose. However, life gets in the way all too often. Many of us have to juggle family commitments and a ‘day’ job while writing. Finding the ‘perfect’ balance between these is always a challenge. You may be in the depths of a scene when a small hand lands on your lap, a teenager ‘must’ be taken to a friends house, your husband needs help with a project or dare I say it your boss needs something from you? We inevitably crumble and leave the narrative in the hope you will remember the details later? We may scramble to jot down that idea, phrase or even paragraph before being torn away.


 I have looked to other writers, famous or not, and tried to delve beyond the obvious and gleam an insight into their methods of finding time. There are numerous hints and tips populating the internet but in the end you know your life and its limitations best. You may get up extra early, stay awake until the breaking dawn or cram a few paragraphs into your lunch hour – whatever works for you and your writing – is the right way to go. The trick is how to organize your time productively. I came across this interesting post and thought it was worth sharing.

How do you schedule your writing?

What time of day works best for you?

I have to admit my writing is not scheduled. I take advantage of any time I’m left alone and once absorbed find it difficult to let go. Weekend mornings are good for me as I get up early and have several hours while my daughter is still sleeping and my husband is playing about in the garage! Other times I can use are the evenings I arrive early for writing group meetings and write until the allotted time. Obviously, I dream of the day I can shut myself away with my laptop and not have to answer to anyone…it will happen I just need to be patient.

Care to share your writing schedule or tips you found useful?

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The Versatile Blogger Award…

October 19, 2013

Plausible – definition: 1. having an appearance of truth or reason; 2, seemingly worthy of approval or acceptance; 3. credible; believable

I am happy to accept this blog award from Glynis at My year long ‘a post a day’ has certainly made me versatile!

My mission with this blog is to endeavor to bring writers together and share my journey in the hopes it will encourage and inspire others.  So let’s look at the rules:


I am supposed to nominate 8 bloggers. Grab the award and then share 5 facts about myself. Link back to the nominee. Here goes:


I read Stephen King but have a hard time watching horror movies – its the music!

I would like to write every genre, even if its just once.

My commitment to a blog post per day in 2013 has 73 days to go.

Once an idea hits me I have to write it out. Always free flow.

I will be participating in National Novel Writing Month this year.

Please feel free to grab this award even if your name isn’t above. It is a great way to share some fun information but also to connect with other writers. Have fun with it.

We May be Puny at the Moment…

April 20, 2013

Puny – definition: slight or inferior in power, size, or importance : weak


As writers we all have our literary heroes. These people  inspire but also intimidate us. Why? Because we feel puny compared to their expertise, their skill at the craft of writing and in the most part, their famous status. However, are they really that ‘remote’ that they would not offer advice to a novice?

Take for example, Stephen King (OK, I realize he is not everyone’s favorite but he is one of mine!) He shared a great deal in his book ‘On Writing‘ – a book I highly recommend by the way. As we all know writing a book is not the easiest task so for Mr. King to take the time to write this, I feel, is worth its weight in gold.


Of course his book is not the only source of writing style, crafting or tutorial tips – just search an internet site for books and a long list appears. The trick is finding one that closely mimics your style or level of expertise as well as how it ‘teaches’ you.

Stephen surprised high school students with a lecture – see here:


I endeavor to share my knowledge and experience as much as possible because I want other writers to succeed in whatever form they perceive that to be. I’m not famous and probably never will be but that isn’t the point – sharing knowledge in this writing community gives me pleasure. I hope that we can all learn something from each other and if the fate’s allow have a modicum of success. This could be having our novel published in some way or reading our work to an audience or having a short run for our family. No matter what form it takes we are sharing our words and they will live forever.

Picture Wall

A letter I received directly from Stephen King holds pride of place on my wall. It is my constant reminder that I need to continue to learn and continue to share.

Sunday Snippets…

March 3, 2013

sunday_snippets2Continuing with Sunday Snippets…with my The Twesome Loop novel, I will need to post slightly more than 250 words as the scene breaks at 187 words. I hope you will forgive me. Brett has found details of a wealthy spinster and is taking the documentation to his boss. He enters the man’s office…

The aroma of Cuban cigar smoke hung in the air.

“Ah, Mr. Forbes, Sir, I found this file mixed with Mr. Collin’s documentation.”

“Thank you….Shaw isn’t it? Let me see. Ah yes, the Lynch file. Give it to Miss Coombes she can catalog it.”

“Certainly, Sir, pardon me for being so bold, but is the family known to you?”

“Actually, yes, they were very old family friends. It was a sad departure only weeks apart but it often happens that way with old married couples, you know. Why do you ask?”

“Just curious, Sir, the name seemed familiar.”

“You may have come across the name in the newspaper. The Lynch’s were very involved in their community.”

“That must be it, Sir; well I won’t take up any more of your time.”

Now Brett had a place to start his investigations. The local newspaper records would be full of information he could use. He would drive to the Lynch house tonight and watch for a while. He might even get to see the daughter. If she wasn’t too abhorrent he could be on easy street in no time.


  Brett parked across the street, careful not to be directly under the street lights, but in the shadows between. The Lynch house was a large Tudor style building with a circular driveway and a detached garage. The street was tree lined with similar styled houses along it. The village of Delcotte was full of old money or yuppies commuting to and from London, utilizing the direct train route into Paddington. He could get used to living in these lavish surroundings. A flash car and a golf club membership would do him nicely.

The front door opened and Brett caught his first glimpse of Miss Lynch. A dowdy looking woman, but from the way she was walking, not as old as she first appeared. He watched her get into a dark blue BMW and pull out of the driveway. He kept a discreet distance behind and followed her to the college in Hadstock. What was she doing there?

Now for the fun part to read everyone else’s snippets…

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