Amble – If Only…

Amble – definition : to walk at a slow, easy pace : stroll : saunter

After nearly a month of back problems, I am on the mend at long last. I feel upset that I could not participate in the 30X30 Challenge in May, but sitting let alone walking was much too painful. Maybe next year!









I can manage short walks (very short) and hopefully as I continue with my wonderful chiropractor, Dr. Kris, I will be enjoying long walks again shortly. We have a Bostin Terrier staying with us for a couple of weeks from Saturday and I really want to be able to go out with her. I really miss being outside and seeing the flora and fauna as spring flourishes.


4 thoughts on “Amble – If Only…

  1. What do you do if you get too attached to these “temporary pets”? Just curious.

    Hope you recover soon! I often fear that my prolonged sitting behind a desk can lead to severe back problems—which is why I hate desk jobs!


    1. We try to enjoy these little pets when we have them knowing they are not really ours. However, we do have some pets that come back again and again and they are special.
      Thanks I am getting better slowly…I agree on the desk jobs!


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