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A Quiddity ..?

May 31, 2013

Quiddity – definition: 1) an eccentricity : an odd feature 2) the essence, nature or distinctive peculiarity of a thing.

QuiddityIf we are honest most of us have some eccentricity. It may not be anything extreme, or for that matter ‘visible’, just something peculiar to us. A habit or preference we take for granted as part of our personality. When we create characters distinctive features or habits help define them and help our readers ‘picture’ what they look like and how they react with their reality. A lisp, a recurring word, a nervous twitch or ‘talking hands’ are all features we can use.





If you are anything like me the first word that popped into your head when you read Quiddity was Quidditch! This is the best known ‘unreal’ sport on the planet. J.K. is a superb world builder and she developed a whole story behind the game and its history. This is the type of dedication that pays off.

Do you have a favorite quiddity from one of your characters?


  1. This is such a fun word! I thought of Quidditch right away, too. I wonder if this word is what inspired JKR to name the sport Quidditch.


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