Which Writing Rules Do You Flaunt..?

Jurisprudence – definition: 1. the science of philosophy of law; 2. a body or system of laws.


We all know the first law of writing – show don’t tell – but how about the rest? Take a look and see which ones you didn’t know or are guilty of flaunting.


Advice from the experts:




Which rule(s) do you find the hardest?

2 thoughts on “Which Writing Rules Do You Flaunt..?

  1. The rule to follow all the rules. 🙂 When I write, I want the creativity and passion to flow. The rules serve useful purposes, and it’s helpful to understand those and have them in mind, but when the rules start to hamper imagination, interfere with the flow, or distract the writer in the background, they may do more harm than good.

    I guess the cure is to let it flow while writing and not worry about the rules then. That’s what revisions and editing are for. But sometimes, it’s not so easy. When you know a rule well, it can be hard to ignore. 🙂


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