Lost Words of Displeasure…


Alabandical           1656 -1775
barbarous; stupefied from drink
His behaviour after the party was positively alabandical.

Aretaloger             1623 -1656
braggart; one who boasts about his own accomplishments
While he seemed nice at first, he turned out to be a loudmouthed aretaloger.

Crasial                  1851 -1851
ill-regulated; ill-tempered
The acrasial judge was known for her rants against younger lawyers.

Fallaciloquence      1656 -1761
deceitful speech
Your fallaciloquence, though charming, will not convince the jury to acquit.

Misqueme                    1395 -1658
to displease; to offend
If my actions misqueme you or your friends, you need only leave me alone.

Sevidical                       1656 -1656
speaking cruel and harsh words; threatening
I will not tolerate your sevidical tone and manner, you filthy peasant!

It is my privilege to share these wonderful words with you with the kind approval of Stephen at http://phrontistery.info/clw.html

My sentence: The alabandical man was aretaloger as he shouted crasial and sevidical words in the inn. The landlord admonished his fallaciloquence showing his obvious misqueme.


Let’s see how many of you can make up a sentence!

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