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Writing Prompt – Stone Car…

February 20, 2016

There will be a quarterly prize for the top voted response to these weekly prompts – so make sure you comment below to enter the contest. 1000 word maximum.

stone car

Using the above image, write a short story or poem. It can be about who built it, or why or something else entirely. Up to you and your Muse to decide.

Have fun and leave your response at the bottom.


  1. The concrete holds me to the road
    As I take the curve into the rain
    It’s not the destination but the mode
    Let go the nerves and go again.

    Can our stories written deep in stone
    Change despite apparent plan?
    All life’s paths go same direction
    Can’t change the fates – no one can.

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  2. I’m going with the poetry/ something else entirely route. Here it is:

    Stone Car in the Woods

    What difference does perception make?
    Parked here, alone but not beside
    the road. Enfolded in leaves and green.
    Can I be heard?

    I shouldn’t be. Let me be clear:
    I’m a car made from stones, scraps of metal, used tires.
    That’s no metaphor. That’s what I am.

    And yet—there’s a consciousness in things
    Inanimate. Like the other day.
    A boy came out to this place in the woods.
    He sat down across from me.

    I can’t move, of course.
    But he can and he came out to me.
    And in his mind, a story formed
    Of how I came to be—stuck here

    By some unseen hand.
    Is that not existence? A man made me.
    And this boy saw me. Does it matter that
    I can’t see him, feel him, hear him?

    What difference does perception make?

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