Lost Words of Transport…

Today’s words relate to modes of transport.


Airgonaut                1784 -1784
one who journeys through the air
Balloonists, skydivers and other airgonauts are all a little mad, if you ask me.

Montivagant         1656 -1658
wandering over hills and mountains
The montivagant hiker crossed the Alps with ease but was stymied by the Andes.

Nubivagant             1656 -1656
moving throughout or among clouds
The glider flew like a nubivagant bird before emerging out of the clouds and into view.

Quadragintireme     1799 -1799
vessel with forty rows of oars
He couldn’t have reached the battle even if he had been commanding a quadragintireme.

Rhedarious              1656 -1656
of or serving as a carriage or chariot
His fancy for rhedarious transport was seen as old-fashioned by his friends.


For more lost words take a look at – http://phrontistery.info/clw4.html

My sentence:

The hot air balloon’s master enjoyed the airgonaut and nubivagant of his craft. Whilst below he spied a quadragintireme gliding through the waves, another mode of rhedarious.

Why not have a go yourself?

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