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Does Past-Life Regression Work..? Re-blog

September 14, 2016


As you have read before – – I underwent a regression session many years ago. I would like to experience this again in the future as my curiosity wants to know, who I was in the other four lives that I did not explore.

This interview with a doctor who uses regression to assist patients is intriguing and gives a new light on the ‘popularity’ of regression. It can be a useful tool to banish emotional fears and bring understanding to behaviors that were previously unexplained.

Of course there will always be skeptics and I was certainly skeptical when one of my ‘lives’ turned out to be a squaw. However, it explained my fascination with that aboriginal life from any early age, it was ‘memory’ of that life.

There maybe ‘traces’ of a past life, which you have never explored or explained. Examples are a fascination with a particular era, a fear of something or even a birthmark that is evidence of an old wound or is ‘just like’ the one on an ancestor. Meditation can release past memories in some people, giving them an insight into current behaviors and in some cases resolves irrational ‘fears’.

Would you go for a regression session?

Have you already been? Would you share your experience?



  1. I’ve done a few sessions myself and actually, I have had a few gifts since the age of 4 years old. I help people with regressions as well as I can read some folks. It’s real (at least for me and many who come to see me). I love doing them and helping people learn of their past. I love learning that in many ways often we are connected and re-connect in a different life and time. I love that you wrote about this and have had a good experience. Blessing to you!

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  2. These regressions can help one better understand one’s fears, obsessions, excessiveness, etc. when these sorts of behaviors no sense in our present life. It can help us clean up karma as a side benefit too. 😉

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  3. I did I’ve session and found myself back in the 189Os in Ohio. What was eerie was I could identify a few people from my present life by their eyes.

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  4. I think it would be fascinating to go for a regression session.

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