Lost Words for Food & Drink…



bromography              1860 -1860
a treatise on food. It’s not enough to write a bromography – today’s celebrity chefs need to be on TV!

homerkin                      1662 -1663
old liquid measure for beer. “I’m so thirsty I could drink a homerkin of beer,” Simpson lamented.

jussulent                        1656 -1658

full of broth or soup. The bubbling of the jussulent cauldron and the crackling of the campfire soothed her.

buccellation                  1657 -1731

The act of dividing into small morsels. The buccellation and apportionment of their rations was the subject of heated argument.

lardlet                             1659 -1659

A small piece of bacon to put into meat to enrich with fat. The secret to her pot roasts is the use of lardlets to enhance the flavour of the meat.


ponask                          1922 -1963

To cook game by splitting it and roasting it on a spit. We ponasked the freshly-caught pheasant at our campsite.

spiscious                          1655 -1655

Of a thick consistency. Her soups are both spiscious and delicious, though perhaps over-laden with salt.

Make sure to visit this incredible site – http://phrontistery.info/clw.html

My sentence – A bromography of recipes detailing jussulent and lardlet uses. Lessons on ponask, spiscious and buccellation.

Can you make a sentence?



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