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Rumble’s First Scare – Rumble was published in September 2011 and officially launched at The Bookworm, 62 Athabascan Avenue, Sherwood Park, Alberta 29 October 2011. A delightful story of a little monster being taken by his mother to experience his first scare on All Hallows Eve. Rumble can be purchase at

Interview on Arts Talk – 7th December 2011 –   Go to 8.22 on the time bar.


Leslie Sanches Hodgins Yes, we’ve read it a few times. Leo thinks it’s funny.

Words in the Park 25th October 2014

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Book review: This review means the world to me. A child’s honest review of Rumble’s First Scare.

Book cover

Ockleberries to the Rescue  – Children’s chapter book

Tansy and Crispin help all the forest animals, with their ailments or injuries, no matter how big or how small. The healing potions and practices they use were handed down generation to generation. Living in a home built within the roots of a magnificent oak tree, the two sprites and their animal helpers, remain hidden from human eyes.

Crispin wishes to find a long ago lost cave filled with ancient healing books and potion recipes. No matter where he travels in the forest he searches for it. Always hoping… Will he find it? What is the story behind the cave? When humans come into the forest – what happens?

Follow the adventures of Tansy and Crispin and meet their forest animal companions. 

Now available as an e-book!

Review:  Goodreads – Bianca Watson‘s review – Jul 23, 15 – 5 of 5 stars

My daughter is reading this book. She says “I love the stories of how Tansy and Crispin help all the forest animals.” My daughter is nine and I recommend the book for the ages 8-12. Two thumbs up. A young fan happy with her signed copy of Ockleberries to the Rescue.



Jena Page rated it it was amazing
Each page I turned left me in suspense. Rumble’s journey left me wondering what would happen next? He is brave and courageous and follows who he was born to be – a Monster. Rumble is a monster who travels with his mom to the ‘upper world’. “Rumble’s First Scare” is a cute story that makes me question who he is or what is he doing? Scaring earth children is not fun for earth children, but for monsters like Rumble this is what they are born to do – to scare children. The book is unique and can open up a good conversation about monsters. Do monsters like Rumble really exist? Monsters who enter homes, guided by their monster parents, who make human children fearful. Looking forward to seeing what Rumble does next Halloween

Review in the Sherwood Park News: 13th September 2016


New YA mystery. Available as ebook –

Its eyes widened as it grew closer and closer to her face. Alice was paralyzed with fear, clutching her bed covers with white knuckled fingers. The creature’s mauve skin glistened with slime and drops fell onto its spindly pointed claws. Alice opened and closed her mouth willing her voice to sound in the dark bedroom. The claws clicked together as the monster’s jaw opened. Click. Click. Clickety-click.

What future awaits Alice? Are her guardians who they seem? Will the monster reveal itself? These questions and more are answered as Alice realizes a secret kept for generations.

Words in the Park 2016 – Clickety Click launch. I made the exploding planet & had scaly toques made too!



Wendy Langdon rated it it was amazing
As a big fan of YA books as well as being a Trekkie, I thoroughly enjoyed this imaginative well-written short YA novel by Mandy Barnett, illustrated by Linda Pedley.It takes the reader on an adventurous journey from an ordinary small town setting, to flight, and into a cavernous mountain. It is reminiscent of a very good episode of either Star Trek or The Twilight Zone (two of my favourites). I won’t say much more, or I will have to mark this review as containing spoilers.


It is available in both print (if, unlike me, you are patient enough to wait for it to arrive in the mail) and as an e-book through Smashwords. The cost is very reasonable and this is a book your children/teenagers will enjoy reading. Since it is free of bad language and inappropriate situations, this is one I will allow my own teenagers to read and enjoy.

Kudos to the author and illustrator for putting out such a great addition to YA literature!

TV Interview: Talking about Clickety Click and my other books on Arts Talk TV show – go to 11.04 on the timeline.

New YA novella – Creature on Planet Toaria.

A robotic protector, an invading creature, and four friends on an adventure…
Join Lenni, Troon, Braze, and Nevis on their terrifying mission to seek out and destroy a
creature intent on invading their planet.
I have a story in this lovely anthology.


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  3. Hi Mandy,

    I found your blog as part of the WD October Platform Challenge. Wishing your books had been around back when my two children were young. As homeschoolers and avid readers, we frequented the local libraries and literally carted cartloads of books home. We devoured all kinds of books-fantasy, fairy tale, historical fiction, just plain funny ones, classic tales, etc. I just know my kids would have LOVED Rumble, Tansy and Crispin. Heck, I love them already and haven’t even read the books…it’s just that easy to fall in love with your characters!!

    So, I chose to share this post from my blog about some of the fun ways we learned during our summer vacation-fun + learning = extra days for our school log!!!

    Wishing you continued success writing unforgettable characters who inspire, engage, and delight children!!!

    Karen Doll


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