Current & Pending Writing Projects

My projects for 2017 are primarily the revision and editing of one, if not two novels. However, as all writers know other ‘ideas’ tend to chatter and I also have a new children’s book forming, entitled Bubble the Gruggle (at least at the moment). I am in discussions with an illustrator for this story. Word count is 4041 already on this narrative – I know I shouldn’t  give it time but when that Muse whispers its too hard to ignore.

Update – After a stupendous writing retreat between 18th – 22nd May I made great progress on my writing goals.

  • Final revisions to The Twesome Loop final word count 75,007.
  • Wrote new YA story Bubble the Gruggle word count 8306.
  • Began revisions on The Giving Thief 70,394 word count.

The Twesome Loop

The Twesome Loop –  Summary

The Twesome Loop is an erotic romance novel with a reincarnation twist. The narrative starts its journey in the late 1990’s English countryside, where several characters make seemingly unrelated choices to travel to Italy. Melissa is fleeing a loveless marriage, Gerald wants to find his soul mate, Brett is motivated by greed and Nancy’s insatiable lust drives her. They are drawn not only by the beauty and life of Italy, but by an unexplained inner longing. Each is unaware that a pact made generations before, links their souls to each other and the beautiful villa they will stay in. A parallel story takes the reader to 1874, where a young woman’s happiness is sacrificed for her father’s ambition. Unable to resist she suffers at her older husband’s hands until his brother offers a way to escape.

The villa’s history has become local folklore and the mystery is perpetuated among the village elders. The sudden disappearance of Lord William and the subsequent low-key marriage of his widow, Gabriella and his younger brother, Arthur, fueled speculations as to the Lord’s fate. However, the young couple embraced the village and its inhabitants becoming well-liked benefactors in complete contrast to William’s cruel domination. Arthur and Gabriella’s love is all consuming but unable to contemplate life without each other, Arthur seeks a way for them to love beyond the grave.

Once the modern day characters converge on the villa, passions and memories rise and the pact’s legacy becomes known. Melissa falls completely for Gerald, a stranger but very familiar at the same time, Gerald is convinced Melissa is the one he has searched for and will not let her husband, Brett take her away, ever again. Nancy finds in Brett the one person, who can sate her lustful appetites and although Brett’s greed was the motivation to chase Melissa, he finds in Nancy the answer to his innermost desires.

The Twesome Loop incorporates several aspects to the romance genre of time slip, travel, and past lives. Similar works include Ferney by James Long, Again by Sharon Cullars and Lady of Hay by Barbara Erskine. Reincarnation by Suzanne Weyn, Maybe This Life by J.P. Grider, Across Eternity by Aris Whittier and Her Past’s Present by Micheal Poeltl.

I received encouragement from a couple of beta-readers:

Hi Mandy, just finished your booked, thoroughly enjoyed it, flipping back and forth through the years and the link with the villa. Yes there were a lot of characters but I only had to re cap the once, I assume the character list will be in the book if/ when you get it published so that won’t be an issue. I have nothing negative to say about the book. It was a very easy read and always looked forward to reading 2/3,chapters after work. Well done You have such an amazing imagination to come up with these stories. Jackie.

Hello Mandy, I really enjoyed the story and had no problems following the characters, in fact it made for a great read. Looking forward to reading the finished book. Doreen.


Revisions started 22nd May 2017:  The Giving Thief began as a NaNoWriMo project. It is a suspense/coming of age story of a young man, who finds himself in an untenable situation. Fear forces him to run and it is his adventures while on the run that the narrative follows. From virtual gamer to real life survivalist, he struggles with inner demons.

Word count at 22nd May 2017 – 70,394

Excerpt: The squeezing felt cathartic, the more pressure he applied, the better he felt, the stronger and more powerful he became. It silenced her taunting, those cruel words she knew burnt into his soul. His mind repeated a mantra – shut up, Gillian, shut up. The room grew eerily quiet, a blinding red mist across his eyes began to fade as he watched the vitality leave her eyes, and her frantic thrashing and clawing lessened then ceased. This moment changed his life forever.

This novel was inspired by several true life instances, I found too compelling not to use.


As authors and writers our inspiration comes from everywhere and anywhere, it is our imaginations that mold them into narratives.

I hope your 2017 writing projects are not only enjoyable but successful. If you would like to share them here, that would be wonderful.

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  1. Hello! I am a middle grade fiction author and I would love to participate in an author interview, book review or guest post. Basically anything book related I’d love to participate in!


  2. Hello! I’m a middle grade fiction author who would love to participate in an author interview, book review or guest post. Basically anything book related I’d love to participate in!

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