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Mandy is available for:

  • Book Clubs
  • Speaking & Media Opportunities
  • Virtual or live interviews
  • Be part of – or moderate – a panel
  • Present virtual or live talks or workshops
  • Virtual or In-Person School Visits

Presentation & Panelist:

Wordbridge 2023: 25th February – Panelist – Writing Crime, Thrillers and Mysteries 

Wordbridge 2022

11th February: Panelist – Quality versus Quantity

12th February: Panelist – Worldbuilding and Presenter: Personality Traits in Characters



I was honoured to be mentioned in this romance article – Link


Coffee & Chat Opal Jan 2023

Coffee & Conversation with Opal Magazine 

Coffee and Conversation with Opal Magazine: 

TWP Author Interviews

Awesome Gang Interview

Prachesta Interview:

The Writer Podcast

Randomly Shop Review:

Scribblesworth Review:

SciFi Saturday Podcast Interview

Peni Renner Interview:

Anthony Avina Review:

Wednesday 26th January 6 pm MST Canada New York City. My interview starts at 54.52 on the timeline. Radio interview.


The Magic of Stories

Saraha Foley Website

Many Books Link:

Podcast Links 

Alive After Reading Podcast with Timothy Niederriter 


Mandy offers presentations on a variety of writing related topics – ask today.

Presenter Bio:  Mandy Eve-Barnett

Mandy’s presentations are practical, inspirational, interactive and actionable. She draws on over 10 years’ experience as a multi-genre author, freelance writer and writing community advocate as well as Secretary of The Writers Foundation of Strathcona County and past President of the Arts & Culture Council of Strathcona Council and past Secretary of Alberta Authors Cooperative to speak on a diverse number of topics.

With nine books published since 2011, and more awaiting the editing process, Mandy knows the joys and difficulties of the writing life. She also hosts the Writers Circle monthly meeting and creates weekly writing prompts for the WFSC website.

Mandy has been blogging since 2010 and has over 4000 followers on her blog. She supports, encourages and mentors writers through regular interviews and connection through her blog and social media.

Past Presentations: Create a Canadian Super Hero, Personality Traits in your Characters, Idea to Novel, How to Create A Goodreads Author Profile, Creating a Great Blog Post and Maintaining a Blog, How to Create a Great Blog Post. 


Panel Participant: When Words Collide 2021 – Panel: Writing Groups – How To Run Them & How To Get Involved

Presenter Co-host:  When Words Collide2021 – Manifesting a Publishing Dream

Judge: Children’s Writing Contest. The Robyn Herrington Memorial Short Story Contest 


Judge: Children’s Writing Contest: The Writers Foundation of Strathcona County’s annual contest.

Writing Community Advocate 
Testimonial:  Mandy Eve-Barnett comes to us from Canada by way of England. When she said in her interview that Story is King, I truly felt that. As a multi-genre author like myself, she understands how rewarding it is to write from a place of passion.  CJ Ives Lopez Author | Podcaster

Testimonial: “Knowing Mandy Eve-Barnett for about four years, I have come to know her as a center of influence in the Sherwood Park writing community… By ‘influence’ I am referring to her willingness to mentor and guide other writers in the Community, who would like to work on their skill sets and/or network with others in a positive and productive fashion… Smithwick Books looks forward to another four years of Mandy’s positive influence… GMB”


A River of Stones interview:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is authors-porch.jpg

The Authors Porch Link

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is carry.png



Podcast interview with Ted Huntingdon – Women’s Writes

Escape with a Writer  Link


Speaking about my writing group’s annual conference 27th March 2021

My steampunk novel, The Commodore’s Gift. ThreeSixty interview Link

March 31 2020


My radio interview on Chat & Spin FRIDAY 22nd JANUARY 2021 FRIDAY’S EVENING & LATE SHOW 6.10PM – 8.30PM UK TIME (PART 1) 1:45.40 on the timeline.  

21st December 2020 – Podcast Interview with Josuha Pantalleresco   (Please note adult content) 

The writing documentary, I was pleased to contribute to for film production student, Jessica.…/1FHU6M6WbP…/view

Blog Interview:

6th September, 2020 Radio Interview with host, Mike Deregowski on The Writer’s Block at Sound Sugar Radio. Timeline 29.53   

Arts Talk Interview: Talking about my writing group.

arts talk interview

Online interview: Mrs Average Evaluates 

ThreeSixtyAlberta Interview:  


Online for Authors Interview:


Local newspaper interview November 2019:

15 Nov 2019 interview

NaNoWriMo 2019 Interview :

Submission at Scribe Slice:

Bio (short version!)

Mandy Eve-Barnett is a multi-genre author writing children’s, YA and adult books. Every story has a basis of love, nature, magic and mystery. Her passion for writing emerged later in life and she is making up for lost time. With nine books published since 2011 and another five awaiting the editing process, she indulges her Muse in creative as well as freelance writing.  Mandy regularly blogs at, where she encourages, supports for networking for writers and readers alike.  She is also prolific on social media. Mandy is currently the Secretary of her local writers group, the Writers Foundation of Strathcona County, she hosts the monthly meetings and creates weekly writing prompts for the website. She is past Secretary of the Alberta Authors Cooperative and past President of the Arts & Culture Council of Strathcona County Council. Mandy Eve-Barnett lives her creative life to the fullest.

Social media links:  









Amazon author page: 


Publisher:  Dream Write Publishing.

Bio: (short version)

Mandy currently lives in Alberta, Canada but is originally from England. Her background is diverse and gives her rich experience to utilize in her writing. Mandy has been a nursing professional, a business owner, and a sort after administration expert. She has traveled throughout Europe, parts of America and Canada and was born in Africa.

Mandy is passionate about writing to the point of obsession and she succeeded in becoming a published author in record time. Mandy’s venture into freelance writing has been successful and she regularly contributes to the Never Been Better page in the Sherwood Park newspaper as well as several anthologies.

Writing in various genres, Mandy has been published on numerous web sites as well as regularly blogging about her writing journey.

Mandy has collaborated in creating a ‘how to’ write your memoir workbook, Your Lifetime of Stories.

A freelance ghost writing project saw Mandy complete a hybrid business/fiction book for a client. Journey to the Summit.

Bio (long version!) Art in all its forms has always been a real passion for Mandy. In her youth, and at the tender age of 12 years, her art teacher, Miss Randall submitted some of Mandy’s artwork to the Royal College of Art in London, UK. They accepted her for the next intake – unfortunately it was not to be at that time, due to Mandy still having another four years of school to complete and later due to parental guidance. Her path took Mandy in another direction. When she left school she went into training as a State Registered Nurse, however afterwards she made the decision to try something else. After a couple of administration jobs she took a deep breath and started up a company with a business partner. This venture proved very successful for nearly twenty-nine years although along with family life and commitments her creative outlet was sadly lacking during that time. Economics played a large part in Mandy’s family’s decision to immigrate. So the family moved to Canada from England in 2007. It was a great leap of faith for them to find a new life and a better future for their children. Along with this new life, Mandy promised herself she would find an outlet for her creativity, which had taken a back seat for decades, apart from the occasional dip! So when the family had settled into their new Canadian home, schools and work, she began looking for a creative outlet. By chance she found the Writers Foundation of Strathcona County and attended her first meeting – which turned out to be a revelation in finding such a friendly bunch of people all passionate about writing and immensely supportive. Thus Mandy’s writing career began and she hasn’t looked back since. She is quoted as saying, ‘My creative void is now overflowing’. Mandy’s writing journey has taken her, in a very short time, on a journey she never thought possible.

Initially Mandy’s ‘publishing’ was restricted to small articles, such as on and the Albertan web site ( but quickly extended to inclusion in an anthology, Writing Prompt Journey in 2010, on numerous web sites and in the local newspaper as well as regularly blogging about her writing journey at She has successfully completed six National Novel Writing Month challenges with the subsequent volume of work resulting in six novel length manuscripts.

Mandy is a freelance writer and regular contributor to the Never Been Better page in the Sherwood Park newspaper and several anthologies. Mandy has attended and presented at the WFSC annual conference every year since 2009 and the PWAC conference/workshop in September 2012. She has attended numerous writing retreats at Strawberry Creek Retreat.

As to where Mandy’s creativity comes from, it would have to be said it is drawn from the essence of the several continents where she has lived. Each has left a trace upon her soul. The heat and drum beats of Africa, the lushness and history of England and the changing seasons and vastness of Canada.  Each has given Mandy a gift – a treasure trove of sights, sounds, smells and experiences from which to weave her stories.

WFSC Conference Presentation 6th April 2019 – Idea to Novel

Appreciation Award April 2019

award 2

Presentation to the Strathcona County forum. 

WFSC speech 2016


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  5. Awesome media kit, Mandy. Alberta CA grabbed my attention since I’m a fan of the tv show Heartland. I noticed you are working on a cow girl book. I’ll be looking for it. Many Blessing. Oh, and I might give the contest(Treed) a go. Could be fun!


    • Thanks for dropping by Brenda. I love connecting with other writers and authors. I will take a look at your blog. The cowgirl book is making the rounds – fingers crossed. Now working on two other manuscripts this year. Yes, please have a go at the prompts. Happy writing.


  6. You have organized and layed this out well! Gives all your endevours and experience Mandy. Very well done !


  7. This is great Mandy! I like the flow and the effort you put into this shows – my blog is and is about 2 weeks old. It has taken me some time to get it organized and word press is somewhat easy to use- though my editing skils late at night are lacking at times.

    Looks like you are well on your way- much continued success!


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