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Lost Words of Horror…

April 18, 2016

eating babies

alogotrophy                        1753 -1853
excessive nutrition of part of body resulting in deformity
Was he born with that huge head, or is it the result of alogotrophy?

brephophagist                    1731 -1875
one who eats babies
The character Fat Bastard is a disgustingly obese Scottish brephophagist.

deartuate                            1623 -1653
to dismember
He cunningly hoped that if he deartuated the body, he could hide it in the hole.

magistricide                        1670 -1670
the killing or killer of a teacher or master
While many have considered magistricide, few are bold or wicked enough to do so.

magophony                            1711 -1711
massacre of magi or priests
The acts of magophony that accompany religious intolerance are simply unacceptable.

mancation                              1727 -1727
maiming; mutilation
The general would suffer no mancation or execution of fallen enemy troops.

modernicide                         1774 -1774
killing or killer of modern people
While the Luddites were radical traditionalists, they never engaged in modernicide.

occaecation                           1608 -1691
the act of blinding
After his occaecation, he was unable to enjoy simple pleasures such as reading.

thysiastery                             1657 -1657
sacrificial altar
They laid the babe upon the thysiastery with his mother’s willing consent.

My sentence:

As the prosecution relayed the alogotrophy affected man’s actions in court, several women fainted. The evidence showed his use of a thysiastery to practice modernicide and subsequent brephophagist, after deartuating his victims. The only wirness had escaped after being subjected to occaecation by the defendant. Several others charges included magistricide and magphony.

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