Foreboding Prior to Halloween…

Forebode – definition: to foretell or predict; be an omen of; indicate beforehand


With Halloween coming up shortly, the internet is awash with spooky costumes, books and trick or treat candy. For many it is a fun filled evening to enjoy scaring each other on doorsteps or at themed parties. However, for others it manifests differently as a real fear of what the evening portrays. Samhainophobia is actually a phobia of Halloween. Sufferers have an intense and persistent fear of Halloween, and the condition causes panic attacks in people who suffer from it. They have a morbid fear of Halloween, in essence the sense of wildness and otherworldliness that the night seems to conjure forth. It is most common in devout religious believers. Other related fears include Wiccaphobia : fear of witches, Phasmophobia : fear of ghosts and Coimetrophobia : a fear of cemeteries.

Although, to date, I have not seen a witch (at least not the commonly used image),  I have seen a ghost. As for cemeteries; you will think me strange for this but what the heck – I used to spend a lot of time alone in cemeteries as a child. One was near my childhood home and surrounded a small chapel. My favorite spot to sit and enjoy quiet time was under a willow tree next to a baby’s grave. Weird I know! I just found it very peaceful. The other cemetery, I frequented was at a derelict church and I spent a lot of  time cleaning the moss and dirt out of the gravestones. Yep, I’m weird and now you don’t have to wonder why I love Stephen King!

Do you have a ‘creepy’ secret or experience you can share?

Now for a shameless plug – why not buy my children’s story – Rumble’s First Scare? You know you want to – he’s such a cute little monster.


Rumble's First Scare

6 thoughts on “Foreboding Prior to Halloween…

  1. I’m such a pansy when it comes to scary stories — you sound like you’re much more of a horror story kind of gal. I should take a cue from you and buck up, maybe read some Stephen King for Halloween. 🙂


      1. I did read 11/22/63 recently, but only after checking out multiple reviews to make sure it was suspense and not horror. It was a great read; Stephen King really knows how to hook you.


  2. Wonderfully “creepy” post! I have an (ex) sister-in-law who is the exact opposite of Samhainophobia – Halloween is like her Christmas (not in a which way). As for cemeteries – I’m not a fan. But I do admire your respect and honor for them. Happy Halloween!


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