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Since my mini writing retreat last weekend, I have not had any time to immerse myself in the revisions for The Twesome Loop, until last night. I took advantage of a couple of hours of peace & quiet in the library prior to my writing meeting. Word count increased by 892 and a couple of scenes were ‘fleshed out’ (actually erotic scenes so literally – pardon the pun!)

Twesome Loop 002

I have a meeting with my client whose book I am ghost writing this evening as I requested ‘personal experience’ pieces from her on several topics within the book. These I will include thus ensuring it is her voice.

My book cover proof is still pending for The Rython Kingdom so I have to be patient – although having the new cover available for my readers is paramount. So excited for it to go ‘live’ on the various websites.


Through a facebook page I found a submissions requirement where I can send my steampunk story – The Toymaker. Fingers crossed it gets accepted, it’s only 7790 words.


I am thoroughly enjoying this book – The Faraday Girls by Monica McInerney – sister’s growing up, finding themselves, drama, love, rejection and a mystery. Set in Tasmania and Ireland it becomes international as each sister flies the coop in search of her path.


My TBR pile includes a book I found in a lovely bookstore while on my weekend escape. The Other Life by Ellen Meister This is the blurb:

If you could return to the road not taken…would you?

Quinn Braverman has a perfect life, with a loving husband, an adorable son, and another baby on the way.

Quinn also has an ominous secret: she knows that another version of her life exists…one in which she made totally different life choices. But she’s never been tempted to switch lives-until a shocking turn of events pushes her to cross over, and she discovers the one person she thought she’d lost forever: Her mother.

But Quinn can’t have both lives. Soon, she must decide which she really wants-the one she has…or the other life…

The Other Life

Doesn’t it sound fascinating? Of course as I love reincarnation, spirits, afterlife and parallel universes it is just up my street, so to speak.

If you have a recommendation for this kind of story, please let me know.

Writing Tips:

Stop procrastinating. Turn off the TV, disconnect from the Internet, tune out the rest of the world, sit down, and write.

Create a space in your home especially for writing.

Why not share your writing space? Here’s mine:

new writing desk

The opposite wall is my inspirational wall.Inspire wall

Happy writing.



Writing Desk Update..

We all have a writing area of some sort. Although, some are fortunate to have a study or specified room for writing, others, like myself, have adapted part of a room. As I am presently re-reading Stephen King’s marvelous, On Writing, I thought an updated view of my writing space was in order. My initial ‘space’ was the seldom used dining room table. As you can see I have extended my dedicated space somewhat.

This first photo shows neat shelving…which soon increased with a larger unit. As well as carry-all’s for transporting books and promotional items to events and author readings.


Desk 2015

Inspiration wall has to be updated as well with two NaNoWriMo certificates. I just need to buy the frames and hang them up.


One such reading was at The Bookworm in Sherwood Park. I loved the promotional poster.Mett the Author

What changes have you made to your writing space? Care to share?

Reblog Wednesday – Tips on How to Declutter Your Writing…

Today’s re-blog is from a extremely useful source – The Write Life. If you have not already bookmarked it – do it.

Can you share any of your own tips?




Your Sequester Defined…

Sequester – definition: to remove from use, or withdraw into solitude or retirement : seclude

strawberry creek

Withdrawing into our own magical world of words, is most certainly a writer’s dream. Whether we imagine it to be a beach house, a woodland cabin or a study with a lock on the door – having our own solitary space has magical ramifications. We imagine our greatest work revealing itself as we sit in solitude, allowing our muse full reign on our time.

I was fortunate to attend a retreat in February 2012 at Strawberry Creek. With several other members of my writing group in attendance, we managed to revise, edit and write new and existing manuscripts. With the choice of writing alone or in a group, everyone found their comfort zone. Gathering together for meals, which are made for us and evening conversation in front of a roaring fire, it was a perfect sequester from our every day lives.

The plan is to enjoy this retreat again in the spring of 2014. I am so looking forward to it. A long weekend of words and like minded people, what more could you possibly ask for?

Have you been on a retreat?

Was it all you wish it to be?

If you could have your own ‘retreat’ where would it be?

Part of the lounge/library at Strawberry Creek.


Holly DeWolf Interview…

Vivacious – definition: lively; animated; gay

Please welcome Holly, an author and an illustrator. Her images are delightful.


a) What do you enjoy most about writing?

It’s relaxing! It’s also a wonderful way to organize thoughts and push ideas. All this can be used to teach, motivate and share knowledge. Writing really does teach you a lot about yourself and lets you get in tune with where your ideas come from.

b) What age did you start writing stories/poems?

I actually started writing late in my career. I’ve been an illustrator for quite some time but enjoyed mingling text with my work. I decided to take it bit further and put out a book idea in 2008. After being published, I have continued to write articles, blogs and have contributed to several books.

c) Has your genre changed or stayed the same?

It has changed. I initially started writing about creativity, creative business and freelance advice. From there, it has led to me wanting to write children’s books. I illustrated my first children’s book that came out in the Spring so I think this would be a natural transition.

d) What genre are you currently reading?

Right now I am focusing on children’s publishing and young adult books. I still maintain my blogs and perhaps I will write a follow up to my first book.

e) Do you read for pleasure or research or both?

I definitely do both. When it gets busy, I try to read as many articles as I can. I set them in a file to read over the weekend. As far as books, I have been reading books on writing, creativity and of course children’s books to my youngest daughter. Books are a big part of my household.

f) Who is your best supporter/mentor/encourager?

My kids hands down. They are 24/7 idea generators with more creativity and energy rolled up together that is very inspiring. Working at home is all they have ever known so they are used to me working around them. It can be a delicate balance.

g) Of the characters you have created or envisioned, which is your favorite & why?

So far it’s a bat. It’s a work in progress but I do love the little guy and the positive ideas I am creating around his character.

h) Where is your favorite writing space?

I like a quiet comfy space but I do like the right music to go along with it. It’s a comfy Ikea chair that works well for me. If it’s winter and I’m cold I’ll write in bed with my bedside table.

i) Do you plan your stories, or are you a seat of the pants writer?

My ideas for stories are random. After that, I plan them out. I like to do the my ideas in point form or just snippets of thought. Lately I have been using my voice memo on my smartphone so I do not lose any ideas when I’m busy or out of the studio. Probably looks like I’m talking to myself at the bus stop but I really don’t want those ideas to slip away.

j) What inspires your ideas/stories?

My kids are great for this. Luckily, since I’m an illustrator too there is no end to the ideas. I had to start a notebook to catch it all. Most ideas come from things I read, music lyrics and from writing.

k) Do you belong to a writing group? If so which one?

Not yet. I plan on joining The Canadian Society of Children’s Authors, Illustrators and Performers (CANSCAIP) to start with and then go from there with local writing groups.

l) Do you have a book published? If so, what is it called & where can readers purchase 


I wrote the book Breaking Into Freelance Illustration: the guide for artists, designers and illustrators published by How Books. You can find it here: http://www.mydesignshop.com/breaking-into-freelance-illustration

Break Into

I have also contributed to the 2009 Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market , 2012 Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market , Your Planet Needs You written by Jon Symes and Creatively Self-Employed Written by Kristen Fischer. Also, I’ve contributed articles to How Design & Zero2illo.

m) If you could meet one favorite author, who would it be and why?


Margaret Atwood for sure! Her book, Cat’s Eye made a had a huge impression on me. This compassionate retrospective about a women’s life felt familiar especially because it’s about an artist.

n) Where can readers find you and your blog?

My blogs:

Illustration Notes: http:hollydewolf.blogspot.com

Diary Of An Illustrator: http://illustratordiary.blogspot.com

My Little Corner Of The World: http://sweethappyjoyjoy.blogspot.com

My website: http://www.hollydewolf.com

o) Do you have plans or ideas for your next book?

Yes I do. It’s been a work in progress for the past year. I have 2 children’s book I am working on plus a follow up book about illustration/creativity. I’m also working on a young adult book.

The title of the children’s book I illustrated is What’s Going On At The Time Tonight? published by Nimbus Publishing written by Gerald Mercer.


What's Going
Chapters/Indigo: http://www.chapters.indigo.ca/books/Whats-Going-On-at-the-Time-Tonight-/9781771080040-item.html?ref=item_page:richrel:rr-carousel-small:json1

Nimbus Publishing: http://www.nimbus.ca/Whats-Going-On-at-the-Time-Tonight–P6631.aspx






K.D. Faerydae – Author Interview

Annihilate – definition: to reduce to utter ruin or nonexistence; to destroy.

Please welcome K.D. Faerydae, a fantasy author excited to share her upcoming book, Hidden Magic, where forces are determined to annihilate a magical world.


a)      What do you enjoy most about writing?

I love completely immersing myself within a fantasy world that I created. I was once asked where was the most interesting place that I’d ever visited?  The answer had to be MY IMAGINATION!

b)      What age did you start writing stories/poems?

I’d never considered or even been interested in writing until a few months before my 40th birthday. I’ve always had a ‘shall we say gifted’ imagination which led my husband to advise that I wrote a book… and so I did!

I still don’t consider myself to be a writer, more of a fantasy-storyteller that is transformed into a writer by the magical powers of a copyeditor.

c)      Has your genre changed or stayed the same?

The first book that I can recall enjoying reading was The Secret of Nimh by Robert C O’ Brien and the book that I’m about to read is Shadowmancer by G.P Taylor, so I guess fantasy has and always will be the genre for me.

d)     What genre are you currently reading?

Hmmm that would have to be FANTASY!

e)      Do you read for pleasure or research or both?

Mostly pleasure.

f)       Who is your best supporter/mentor/encourager?

My family and friends have all been very supportive but my husband has been absolutely amazing. He even delivers refreshments to me when I’m busy writing in our garden lodge – aka ‘The Hobbit Hole’.

g)      Of the characters you have created or envisioned, which is your favorite & why?

I honestly couldn’t pick just one, I love them all! They are all so different and there’s something I love in each of them.

h)      Where is your favorite writing space?

That would have to be the Hobbit Hole, especially when the log fire is roaring and it’s snowing outside!  (I’m sure, like me, you will be filled with jealousy at K.D.’s perfect writing space…Mandy)

988490_317942285002552_522243793_n 311626_317942581669189_1275362435_nV__6471

i)        Do you plan your stories, or are you a seat of the pants writer?

Definitely seat of my pants, if I try to plan the stories they seem to lose their magic.

j)        What inspires your ideas/stories?

Nature, walks in the woods, winding pathways, babbling streams, mysterious looking gates, magical trees, funny little creatures and so on.

k)      Do you belong to a writing group? If so which one?

Yes, I’m a member of the Hastings Writers Group.

l)        Do you have a book published? If so, what is it called & where can readers purchase it?

My debut childrens fantasy HIDDEN MAGIC is to be released on the 1st of Dec 2013 and is available to pre-order from many retailers including Waterstones, Amazon and WHSmith.

Hidden Magic

m)      If you could meet one favorite author, who would it be and why?

Robert C O’Brien, because I love the Secret of Nimh.

n)      Where can readers find you and your blog?

Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and my website: http://www.kdfaerydae.co.uk

o)      Do you have plans or ideas for your next book?

I’m already having loads of fun writing it. It’s the second book in the Liberty Realm Series titled: The Gathering… An Army of good.

Today’s Featured Author: Mandy Eve-Barnett at…

Chagrin – definition: a feeling of humiliation or embarrassment due to disappointment about something

I‘m certainly not feeling this word today. Susan has kindly interviewed me on her blog – http://susanleighnoble.wordpress.com/2013/10/04/todays-featured-author-mandy-eve-barnett/

Thank you Susan.

Writing Area Re-organization…

Exertion – definition: vigorous action or effort

It is inevitable that as we accumulate file folders, books, notebooks and reference paraphernalia, our writing space becomes cluttered and dis-organized. Depending on how you view this – we all have varying degrees of ‘messiness’ tolerance – there comes a time when a re-organization is required. My limit came at the end of July. A small bookcase was over flowing, my inspirational board so layered, I couldn’t see many of my pictures and notes and a ten inch pile of papers called out to be filed. Added to this was the receipt of five Create Space copies of my NaNoWriMo winner novel, requiring a home.

The search was on for a much larger bookcase. Now I’m a great supporter of reuse  or re-purpose items, so began looking for bookcases in thrift stores and on internet sites for local sellers. Nothing fitted my space or the ‘look’ I wanted. A chance conversation with a good friend enabled me to take a bookcase off her hands. Then it was a matter of moving the existing furniture, cleaning the space and then deciding on the best placement for the new addition in relation to the old. I am very happy with the result as I have a new board and bookcase and space for more additional stuff.  This is the ‘old’ version showing my inspirational wall, the little bookcase, small printer and old laptop.

Picture WallNew Writing DEsk 003










This is my ‘new’ space with a tall bookcase, larger printer and new laptop/second screen configuration and extra board on the wall. Room to expand and create.


Have you outgrown your space? Care to share a photo? Do you re-organize often?

Pop Over to No Wasted Ink…

I’ve been interviewed to discuss my writing space over at No Wasted Ink by Wendy Van Camp – pop on over.


New Writing DEsk 001

Thanks to Wendy for including me. How do you feel about your space? Care to share?

Today’s word has no connection – Precipice – definition: a very steep and high face of a rock or mountain : cliff.

Blog Carnival…Come & Join Us… 1st May

Today’s word is not really a reflection of what is happening here and over at Melissa’s blog. http://grosvenorsquare.blogspot.ca/  We are having a carnival of writing spaces.

Attrition – definition: a reduction or decrease in numbers, size, or strength over time. In actual fact the opposite is true. An increase in participants and sharing is happening.

Come and join in the fun of this Blog Carnival.

This is my writing area, it’s still a work in progress but a lot better than my previous make do space.

I upgraded my writing space last June from the dining room table to a proper desk set up at one end of our living room. With the addition of bookshelves, printer, filing drawers and inspirational pictures on the wall. It is my favorite place in the house, with views left and right of our acreage and the wildlife that lives in it. In an ideal world I would have a separate room away from the constant noise of the TV but step by step, I hope to have my own study some day.

This picture shows my old faithful silver laptop, which assisted me through three NaNoWriMo challenges as well as a ton of writing. Unfortunately just before Christmas  it died and I invested in a new one with Windows 8. It has taken some time to get used to the new format but now I am going full blast. The little green creature on top of the shelf is the soft toy version of my Rumble character I made.

New Writing DEsk 003

My inspirational wall, including NaNoWriMo certificates, a letter from Stephen King and the Pride of Strathcona Award, I received.

Picture Wall

My new baby…